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It's me Peroze !!!

I was born and raised in the city of Lamia. During my childhood years, I took a strong interest in sports, football in particular and I joined a local football for which I was an athlete until I turned 15. By the time I reached high school, a new activity entered my life, computer programming. From the moment I started to write my first block of code in pseudo language I knew that this is the path that I wanted to follow in my life. As I was growing up I started to acquire new interests, one of them being motorsports, so when I reached the appropriate age, I got my Motorsport Marshal diploma. Throughout my life, I have taken part in at least 100 races either as a marshal, timer, or the last two years in the organizing committee. In those races are included over 10 Acropolis Rallies. When I turned sixteen I earned my basketball referee diploma and since that day I refereed a plethora of official matches. In 2016 after taking the Pangreek exams, in which I gained 16,03 units, I began to study at the Computer Science department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I graduated in 2022 with a grade of 7,24 and my diplomatic thesis earned the maximum available grade which is 10.
A year before my graduation I started to manage a local e-shop in Lamia, GoldenTime.gr. In July of 2022, I enlisted in the Greek Army to serve my Military Obligation. I served in a military unit in the Greek-Turkey borders (Ferres of Evros). Between other duties, I managed the Server of my Unit (Windows Server). As of 20 March 2023, I completed my mandatory military service.



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Image Editing






Graph Algorithms


R Language



2010, Graduated Primary School

I graduated from the 16th primary school of Lamia in 2010

2013, First Computer Program

At the age of 15 i started programming mainly in Pseudolanguage. I was motivated by a professor in High School .

2014, Ikaros Project

Myself and 2 of my friends Andreas Stratopoulos and Vaggelis Betas, competed in the "2nd Competion of Entrepreneurship and Creativity " in which we were awarded. Our project was called "Car Manufactory Ikaros". We basicly created a bussiness plan for a car manufactory.

2016, Graduated High School

In 2016 i finally graduated high school with the grade of 18.2.

2016, Joined University

After achiving 16.1 in University entrance examination, i joined the Computer Science department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2022, Graduated from University

I graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the grade of 7,24.



Pr Trucks

PrTrucks is an autonomus program built in Java (JavaFx Graphics) which manages a company's car fleet. Data are stored in an SQL database. The user can add when a service operation is performed on the car or a repair is made and much more. He will also get notifications when he must do something like next Service or Emmision Card. For full description the project visit my github page.

Java Domino

Domino is a Java game with JavaSwing graphics. The game supports two modes, Hungarian in which the players competes againts a bot, and Solo which as the name indicates is played by only one player. This game was created as project for a course of my University by me and Sokratis Athanasiadis


PrMusic is a Java Music Player with JavaFx graphics which automaticly reads songs from music folder in documents and lets you play them. The program shows all songs in the left panel, the User chooses one and it starts playing. The song can be paused at any time, and you can select another song and play the next or previous song on the list.

R* Tree Spatial Database

Another java project for my Univerisity, it stores Points Of Interest from OpenStreetMaps and it creates an R*tree index. The user can perform two types of queries : Knn and Range . The graphic interface was created with JavaFx. This project was co-created by me and Sokratis Athanasiadis.


WebClass is a dynamic webpage for a University Course. It supports two types of Users, Proffessor and Student. The page has a sign in system. The basic functions are : (Proffesor) User Managment (add,remove etc), Post an Anouncment, Post Study Material, Post Homework - (Student) he can view everything that the Professor (or Professors) have uploded. The page uses mySql db to store data. It was creted as a project for a course on my University. Here is the static version of the website. If you want to view the full dynamic version email me at konper98@gmail.com to get the URL and the login credentials.


This project is a WebQuest for elementary school students in order the history of the page. The students work as a group and find information about the assignement on the web. You can find the page Here


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Konstantinos Perrakis
Lamia,Greece, 35131